I.A & I.Sc

Revised standard syllabus (class-XI) of Bihar

This newly revised syllabus (2007) is also based on especial viewpoint of National Structure of Syllabus 2005 and Bihar structure of Syllabus 2006. The meaning of education according to this is to empower students to right goal of their lives, to develop all their skills, to set their aim and objects and to comprehend as well that other persons of the society also do have full right to do so.

The following subjects based on existing syllabus of Bihar Intermediate and CBSE Course are decided to be taught by HRDD Bihar in standard academic institutions.

Language Group:
Group 1 (Two languages to be chosen by students)
Hindi Urdu English Sanskrit
Group 2 (Three languages to be chosen by students)
Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Science
History Economics Commerce Darshan Shartra
Yog & Saririk Siksha (Student can choose a subject as optional subject from group 2)